Freight forwarding

About our company

ATEX Logistic LLP was established in 2009. The company is engaged in rail cargo transportation in Kazakhstan and in countries of the near and far abroad.

The Company employees have many years of experience in transport logistics 

ATEX Logistic LLP has contracts with forwarding companies of Iran, UAE, China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Germany that allows to find better prices for freight forwarding services and provide a full range of services to the client

ATEX Logistic LLP is:

  • Forwarding service of transportations of export-import and transit cargoes;
  • Rate making.
  • Choosing the best transportation route; 
  • Registration of transport documents
  • Payment of carriage charge in Kazakhstan, near and far abroad countries; 
  • Operative tracking and search of wagons and containers in the CIS countries and the Baltic States 
  • Tracking of wagons, containers in the CIS countries and the Baltic States
  • Transport management consultations 
  • Registration of shipping documents, 
  • Customs clearance services 
  • Prompt and accurate processing of incoming orders
  • Reporting and preparation of other financial supporting documents.
  • Strict compliance with the legislation.
  • Strict adherence to all rules and conditions of cargo transportation.
  • Provision of wagons and containers for loading

We work for the benefit of a client and ensure mutual growth, prosperity and confidence for each party. 


1. Best prices

Having signed a contract with us, you get the most competitive prices. Due to what? Transporting requires knowledge of the transport and logistic complexes of many countries of the world and the system tracking of changes in this area. This information enables us to reduce transport costs and to decrease the financial and time costs.


2. Individual approach to each client

Depending on capabilities and needs of your company, we will find the best transportation and logistical scheme for you, from development to monitoring.


3. Quality and reliability of transportation

Having signed a contract with us, you solve the tasks of your company with highly qualified specialists. While transferring a cargo from one mode of transport to another, a strict control of the contractor is required. 

Extensive experience and a wide network of reliable partners throughout the world enable us to quickly obtain information about the status of each shipment and provide high quality services.  


4. Consulting for a client

During cooperation, you are assisted in completing and preparing documentation of any complexity.