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Представительство в Иране


CHELYPA is well known as a forwarding and expediting company in Iran, all Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), UAE and Turkey countries by rendering a combination of rail, road, sea and air transport modes.

  • Having agencies and offices in the CIS countries,Turkey, UAE and Iran;
  • Rendering fast, safe, cheap services in the field of freight shipment;
  • Having direct contract with Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia railways;
  • Having direct contract with IRSOTR shipping line for sea shipment via Caspian sea;
  • Transferring of grains from CIS countries to UAE via BND port with using of its own grain warehouses and hopper wagons.
  • Supplying wagon (MPS / SPS) 
  • Payment of rail freight in Iran, Turkey and CIS territories 
  • Reloading cargo from Iranian and European wagons into CIS wagons at Sarakhs Turkmenistan and vice versa. 
  • Reloading cargo from COC containers into CIS wagons 
  • Lashing and loading operation at departure station
  • Issuing transportation documentations 
  • Custom formalities in departure, destination and crossing borders 
  • Returning empty Container from CIS countries to BND 
  • Tracing


  • Supplying truck in the point of departure 
  • Issuing transport documentation (CMR)
  • Truck shipment from Iran up to destination 
  • Reloading cargo from COC containers into trucks 
  • Lashing and loading operation in the point of departure 
  • Custom formalities in departure, destination and crossing borders

All in departure port: 

  • Lashing / reloading bulk cargo on vessel as containerize or same bulk                                           
  • Booking shipping line Container 
  • Delivering booked container in exporter’s factory and returning to port 
  • Delivery to CY 
  • Custom formalities 
  • THC 
  • BL 
  • VAT 
  • Sea freight up to destination port
 All in destination port: 
  • D/O 
  • Custom formalities 
  • Bascule 
  • Loading container on platform or truck 
  • Lashing / reloading containerize or bulk cargo into truck or wagon

  • Lashing and reloading cargo from truck into airplane 
  • Air shipment from departure up to destination 
  • Discharging cargo from airplane into warehouse of airport 
  • Loading cargo from warehouse of airport into truck 
  • Custom formalities

  • From UAE↔Iran↔CIS territories (as sea↔truck / rail) 
  • From UAE↔Iran↔Turkey (as sea↔truck / rail)  
  • From UAE↔Iran↔CIS territories (as sea↔truck↔sea (Caspian))  
  • From UAE↔Iran↔Iraq / Afghanistan (as sea↔truck) 


In doing so, we aim to promote and uphold the following set of values which are fundamental to our work and mission:

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